Underwater Pump Mining Dredge


18" x 16" Diesel Marlin

16" x 14" Electric Marlin Dredge

14" x 12" Diesel Marlin Dredge

12" x 10" Electric Marlin Dredge

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DSC's Marlin Class Deep Mining dredge was designed to meet the needs of deep mining deposits as an efficient tool to excavate materials. The Marlin shows its tremendous advantage as dredging depths can exceed 100 feet. This deep digging depth is made possible by the use of an underwater pump system with a high torque cutter drive assembly. To complement the rigorous demands of deep mining, the Marlin Class Deep Mining dredge offers the most intense dredge design and is clearly unmatched in the dredging industry. Many competitors have tried unsuccessfully to duplicate the Marlin dredge design characteristics, which has further promoted our Marlin as the best world-class mining dredge. The specific design features of the Marlin remain a trademark to DSC's commitment to tough design and to the dredging industry.

Diesel Marlin General Specifications

Electric Marlin General Specifications

With discharge sizes ranging from 8-inch to 24-inch, the Marlin offers an array of production ranges and flow conditions. Since each Marlin is designed specifically for particular deposit, the digging depths can range from 35-feet to 150-feet (+). Your power requirements are wide open when customizing your Marlin. Whether you require diesel power or electric power, the Marlin dredge has been manufactured in all configurations to meet our customer's specific needs.

The Marlin's standard features include: heavy design and construction, underwater pump, torque tube pump drive assembly, elevated control room, 3-wire winch positioning and anchoring system, and a PLC based operating system. Whether it is production instrumentation and monitoring systems, GPS dredging systems, or automation - DSC will design and build to meet your requirements!

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