We offer a variety to suit your needs


Standard 8" Moray

Custom 36" Electric Shark


Custom Dual Pump Dredge

10" Booster Unit

8" Floating Booster

40' Work Boat

Dredging Equipment

Dredging Supply Company specializes in dredges for various industries, including: Construction, Environmental, Mining (Sand & Gravel), Navigational, Recreational, Restoration, Specialty. We offer a standardized dredge line or will custom design a dredge for your particular requirements.

Standard Dredging Designs

Dredging Supply Company offers a wide variety of dredges to suit your specific needs. We specialize in designing and manufacturing portable cutter suction dredges and underwater pump mining dredges. Our standard dredging equipment can be ordered as-is or custom-built to meet your requirements. DSC's standard product line consists of: the Moray Class Dredge, which is known for its easy conversion from conventional to articulating ladder, the Barracuda that offers conventional dredging with spuds, wires, and articulating ladder operation without external wires or cables, the highly portable Shark, which is designed for the demanding requirements of contractors and mining operations and the world famous Marlin that is equipped with an underwater pump and provides the most efficient pumping system at deeper depths.

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Custom Dredge Designs

Dredging Supply Company can customize dredging equipment for various types of dredging, including sand, gravel, gold, marina, environmental, irrigation control, river, maintenance, coal and copper tailings, and mining. Although all of our standard products can be modified to meet job conditions, there is always specific requirements that make us think "outside of the box" for design concepts. We will work closely with your engineering team to build the right dredging equipment for your particular project. Each of our dredges are tailored for optimum project performance and as a guarantee we provide free technical assistance including computerized dredge production print outs, pipeline analyses, project feasibility studies, and cutter calculations. With DSC hosting the largest dredge design/engineering group among USA manufacturers, we thrive on the challenge of the custom design to compliment our standard product lines. No matter what challenges your dredging job requires, let DSC be part of your team to get the job done!

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Pre-Loved Dredging Equipment

Although Dredging Supply Company, Inc. only manufactures new dredges, we have related entities that may supply used dredges or equipment. DSC also offers a remarketing program as a service to our customers. If you or your budget requires used dredging equipment, contact us and we will get you in a dependable dredge!

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Dredging Supply Company also designs booster units to complement your dredge and production requirements.

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Work Boats

Dredging Supply Company offers work boat designs to assist your dredge in regular operation and maintenance. We have customized our work boats for customers with precise specifications to include: a pilot house, crews' quarters, deck crane, and various other upgrades.

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