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DSC offers a variety of parts to complement its manufacturing capabilities. With a large volume of parts on hand, DSC can offer quick turn around for most dredge-related products. Whether your dredge was manufactured by DSC or any other dredge manufacturer, we have been successful in supplying parts for all dredges across the world. The categories below outline some of the products DSC can offer you for your parts demands.

We have NEW Pullmaster Winches for immediate sale - click here for winch specifications.

DSC is an OEM Representative for metso pump lines and an authorized distributor of metso cutter heads and parts.

Cutter heads/Parts

DSC currently offers cutters ranging from 20” to 45” inside diameter. The cutters can be equipped with smooth edges, serrated edges, pick-points edges or whatever your requirements may be. They can be supplied to your specifications using customer-supplied data on hub detail, number of blades required, etc.

DSC may also be able to supply you with replacement parts for other manufacturers cutterheads. Give us a try on any of your cutter requirements and let DSC offer you competitive pricing and quick deliveries.

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Cutter Drives/Parts

If you currently purchase cutter drives from DSC, please click here to read an important update.

DSC offers cutter drives to fit 6” dredges to 24” dredges (shaft sizes from 2 ½” to 12”). DSC’s new sealed cutter drive assemblies have proven themselves as a tough and reliable system that does not require service water. The sealed cutter drives are supplied with a female reduction gear that accepts the male splined cutter shaft. The tube is an oil filled reservoir that includes Timken roller bearings and a duo-cone seal. The sealed cutter drives are designed for easy installation, so converting to a new DSC sealed cutter drive assembly will not cause considerable down time. Tired of changing your water lubricated bearings, tired of the downtime cost? – Try a DSC sealed cutter drive and be amazed with the low cost, low maintenance & rapid delivery. To learn more about DSC's Cutter Drive Series, click here for product specifications.

DSC does still offer a star drive assembly. Star drive assemblies are available, and with customer supplied data we can manufacture the drive you require. We offer spare parts for existing drives including, water-lubricated bearings, cutter shafts, cutter tubes, wear plates, cutter shaft nuts and keys, compression couplings, and cutter reduction gears.

DSC currently offers a complete line of cutter reduction gears. If you need a replacement cutter reduction gear, call DSC to see if we have your required gearbox on the shelf!

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Hydraulic Components

DSC is at the forefront of dredge hydraulic systems. Custom designed hydraulic packages are available to meet your requirements. DSC can offer replacement hydraulic motors, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic valves, hydraulic filters and any other hydraulic component you may need. With new governmental standards being imposed on noise levels in the lever rooms, DSC can offer removal of your dash-mounted hydraulic valves and get the noise level far below acceptable levels. DSC stocks various types of hydraulic cylinders; for power down ladder systems, for swinging ladder dredges, for spud carriages, for spuds.

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DSC stocks a wide variety of mechanical and digital metering devices. In our mechanical gage line, we stock your normal dredging gages with a 2 ½” or 4” face. The gages are oil filled and are available in lower mount or dash mount style. Our digital line of gages include Yokogawa, Omega & Simpson meters. The digital instruments are available as display meters or process meters. DSC also stocks different styles of Doppler flow meter systems to help with operator efficiency.

DSC can also design and supply various types of instrumentation packages. Whether it is as simple as a digital depth gage to a full-blown Mass Flow Nuclear system, DSC has experience, knowledge and success in this area.

The instrumentation packages are also available with data recording options. PLC options are available for your desired production data ranges, memory storage, ease of production data, as well as user friendly control screens.

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Suction/Discharge Assemblies

DSC offers a complete line of suction mouthpieces to replace your existing assembly. When the time comes to change out your old, “worn out” mouthpiece, give DSC a call for your replacement assembly. With customer supplied data, we can offer a variety of assemblies including, extra heavy wall thickness, abrasion resistant steel and modifications to help you increase the flow of material to the dredge pump.

DSC can supply you with discharge elbows, discharge piping arrangements, as well as dredge sleeves. DSC offers a complete line of dredge hoses including, flanged discharge hoses, open-ended suction hoses, specialty mining hoses, and any custom manufactured hoses that you require. Chain binders are also stocked for use with open-ended hoses. DSC manufactures suction cleanouts for dredge pumps in any size or configuration. If you find that you do not have a standard cleanout or if you need rush delivery on a new one, let DSC offer its different options for your needs.

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Suction Valves

DSC’s Maximizer valve can prevent plugged discharge lines. If you have ever had a plugged line and have not experienced DSC’s Maximizer valve, you need to try this to eliminate the down time and expense of a plugged line.

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DSC stocks several types of winches for different functions, with different line pulls, one that you may need. We have recently introduced the new DSC line of winches. DSC is currently manufacturing winches for power-up/power-down spud operation and swing winches. To learn more about DSC's Planetary Hydraulic Winch Family, click here for product specifications.

DSC also offers Pullmaster and Gearmatic winches as well as repair parts/kits for these winches. We have NEW inventory for immediate sale - click here for winch information. With a good variety of these winches on-hand at DSC, we can be there for you for your unforeseen winch problems. Call on DSC to see if we can convert you to the DSC winch line – you will wonder why you waited so long!

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