Corporate Office

Billing address

 156 Airport Road
Reserve, Louisiana 70084 USA


 Bob Wetta

 William Wetta
Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer

 David Miller –
Senior Vice President & COO


Manufacturing Facility

Shipping Address

 172 Airport Road
Reserve, Louisiana 70084 USA

 Nicky Giarratano –
Director of Production for Reserve

 Bubba Meyers –
Director of Production for Poplarville

 Rose Koenig –
Director of Production for Greenbush


Dredge Sales
 Charles Johnson
Director of Domestic Dredge Sales
 Charles Sinunu
Director of International Dredge Sales

Part Sales
 Scott Handy & Nicol Clausen

Quality Assurance

 Chris Hunt –
Director of Quality Assurance


 Damon Gonzales
Vice President of Engineering

Field Services

 John Lightsey –
Vice President of Product Support

Financial Services

 Kevin Dolan –
Vice President & CFO

Human Resources

 Christina Bolling –
Director of Human Resources

ERP Procurement

 Danny Howard –
Director of Procurement

Health, Safety & Environmental

 Chris Hunt –
Director of Health, Safety, and Environmental

Information Technology

 Richard Groce –
Director of Information Technology