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18" x 16" Barracuda Dredge

12" x 10" Barracuda Dredge

12" x 10" Barracuda Dredge

12" x 10" Barracuda Dredge

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Often called the contractors "dream machine", DSC's Barracuda Class dredge features a swinging ladder design with the ease of transportation. With standard discharge sizes ranging from 10-inch through 16-inch, the Barracuda dredges have been most commonly used in waterway maintenance and lake revitalization projects. Its robust design allows the Barracuda Class dredge to offer its user endless possibilities.

Barracuda General Specifications

DSC's Barracuda dredges offer standardized systems throughout all of the various sizes and configurations. The operating systems are all PLC based and offer the operator an ergonomic and user-friendly control panel. With the simple touch of a few switches, you are off and dredging. The Barracuda dredges feature power up/down spud systems with API rated winch drums for proper cable storage. A rear kicking spud for dredge positioning and advancement comes standard in the DSC Barracuda . Optional spud traveling carriages are available upon request.

With the simple option of two front swing winches, you now have two dredges in one. This option allows the Barracuda dredge to be converted from a swinging ladder dredge to a conventional dredge - and still remain portable! This feature alone has caught the eye of dredge contractors and has made the Barracuda one of the most desired dredges available.

DSC leads the industry in dredge design as provided in the Barracuda swinging ladder dredge. At DSC, we can proudly say that we dominate the world in the production of swinging ladder dredges.

Our Barracuda Class dredges can also be outfitted with optional equipment. Whether you require extended digging depths, production instrumentation or GPS dredging systems - DSC will design and build to meet your needs.

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