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The company founder, Thomas (Tommy) J. Wetta III, developed a love for dredging while working and living on the dredge Orleans for the Standard Dredging Corporation back in 1955. By 1971, Tommy and a friend that shared his passion for dredges had started  a company named Kenner Marine to build dredges, and in 1989 Dredging Supply Co., Inc. (DSC) was founded by Tommy and his two sons William (Bill) J. Wetta II, P.E. and Robert (Bob) B. Wetta. The new company flourished and in 2006 DSC acquired the Michigan-based W&S Dredge Manufacturer (founded in 1967). In 2010 the corporation consolidated its subsidiaries  and DSC Dredge LLC was born. The reorganization brought together DSC Supply, W&S, Best Equipment, DSA and Reliable Electric to gain maximum efficiencies in the day to day operations and administration of all of the facilities.

DSC Dredge LLC has a dominant role in the dredge manufacturing industry built on a platform of extreme commitment to its customers through engineering customization to meet their specific application needs. DSC is proud of its long heritage and dominant position in the industry, and its management takes this commitment to the customer very seriously.

The top management team is headed by Bob Wetta, who has a background in finance and serves at the President and CEO of the corporation, specializing in the sales and marketing operation of the business. Bill Wetta serves as VP of Product Development and commits himself to staying abreast of the latest dredging and engineering trends for the business. Kevin Dolan serves as VP of Finance and CFO and David Miller serves as VP of Production and COO.

Throughout the many years of its history DSC’s customer-centric approach to the dredging market  has focused on building strong, long-lasting relationships with its customers. Over 75% of its workforce has been with the company over a decade, and the solid work ethics instilled by its founder, Tommy Wetta, keep the company in its premium market position. The reputation of the entire team is built on this commitment to the customer and its dedication to delivering a superior product and outstanding service after the sale. Together the entire team focuses completely on meeting the dredging needs of its many loyal customers in more than 40 countries all over the world.

Lifetime Achievement Award - Tommy Wetta

DSC was privileged to accept Western Dredging Association's Lifetime Achievement Award for 2007, honoring Tommy for his outstanding and unselfish dedication and contributions to the dredging industry. His commitment, superior abilities, knowledge, determination, and devotion to his chosen profession has made unparalleled, significant, and important contributions not only to Western Dredging Association, but also to dredgers throughout the world.

President's "E" Certificate for Exports

DSC was recently selected to receive the President's "E" Certificate for Exports in recognition of the company's achievements in supporting export growth in the U.S. business community. This prestigious award was granted to DSC to recognize their substantial increase in volume of exports over a sustained period.

U.S. Department of Commerce Export Achievement Award

DSC was one of five Louisiana companies selected for the annual Export Achievement Award from the U.S. Department of Commerce. The manufacturer was recognized for bringing revenue to the state and nation, as well as using the services of the U.S. Export Assistance Center.

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Over the years, Dredging Supply Company, Inc. has developed a dominant role in the dredge manufacturing industry and therefore we pride ourselves with being the "World's Leader in Portable Dredges". We have earned this title with our hands-on philosophy and commitment to our customers. DSC believes each dredge is a work of art that is designed specifically for a particular application. We work with your engineering team or from something as simple as a hand-drawn sketch to ensure the correct design for you needs. Our goal is to tailor each dredge to our customer's specified requirements and customize the dredge to the type of work it will be used.

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Dredging Supply Company, Inc. is located at 156 Airport Road in Reserve, Louisiana, approximately 25 miles from the New Orleans International Airport. The Company purchased 16 acres of property in Reserve during 1998 and soon after began construction on its manufacturing complex in early 1999. By January 2000, the Company had relocated its manufacturing operations to this facility and began plans for phase II of its expansion. DSC designed its corporate office building in 2001 and was able to relocate its entire Corporate office to this complex by February 2002. The move was significant because it consolidated all departments into one location thereby increasing its efficiency and engineering capabilities. Phase III began early 2009 and will include the addition of an engineering facility to house the engineering and automation departments.

DSC's manufacturing complex encompasses over 27,000 square feet of work area under roof and consists of a workshop building, manufacturing building, sandblasting building, paint building, inventory building, and machine shop. Approximately 60 employees work at this site. 

DSC's corporate office is a 7,200 square foot building named after the company's founder and vice president, Thomas J. Wetta III. The Administration Building houses DSC's financial services, purchasing, marketing, human resources, field service, dredge sales, and part sales departments, totaling approximately 30 employees. On July 13, 2009, DSC opened its most recent addition - the "Julia Bull Campbell" Design Center named in honor of Bill Wetta and Bob Wetta's maternal grandmother. Ms. Bull was instrumental in financing the start of the company and her legacy lives on through DSC's growth and international success. The Design Center is 5800 square feet and houses the engineering and automation departments, totaling approximately 20 employees.

The Company continues to grow and has future plans to develop several more acres of its property for additional manufacturing overflow.

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